There’s a reason why 90% of all Americans say they expect to give Chocolate as a gift this year!

Premium Chocolates Make People Smile

There’s nothing like the decadent taste of chocolate, especially when it is high-quality, premium chocolate from Bergins. Our chocolate recipes have been continually perfected since the company was started back in 1935.We offer a focus on quality ingredients and packaging, and will give you the the perfect chocolate gift to bring a smile to their face.

Chocolate Creates Memories and Traditions

Chocolate helps create memories and traditions within families and friendships when it’s given as a gift. Enjoying chocolate date back 4,000 years in what is now Central Mexico (learn more).

When you give chocolate as a gift, you can create your own memories and develop a tradition of eating or cooking with premium chocolate that can be passed down through the generations. Start your own traditions this year by giving the gift of premium Bergin’s chocolates.

Chocolates Can Be Purchased in Beautiful Gift Packaging

Our packaged chocolates can be shipped to anywhere in North America and make an excellent gift for any occasion. Take the stress out of gift-giving with Bergin’s thoughtfully assembled selections.

Chocolate is Universally Enjoyed

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone on your gift list who doesn’t love chocolate. Chocolate pretty much ranks up there are the most enjoyed treat!

Chocolate is an Affordable Luxury

No matter what your gift-giving budget, you can treat that special person on your list with decadent, premium chocolate in the form of gift bags or boxes filled with their favorite confections or a bar of high-end chocolate. 

There are not many luxuries in life as affordable as chocolate. 

Some Of Our Most Popular Gifts